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Arbitration is one form of dispute resolution alternative to court litigation. Perhaps it should be called one form of “Appropriate Dispute Resolution”. Its purpose is to utilize an arbitrator to resolve a dispute that cannot be resolved through consensus and court litigation appears to be prohibitively expensive, inconvenient, or both. Arbitration is fast becoming the most frequent dispute resolution mechanism for conflict resolution. It’s appropriate for Commercial disputes, Family disputes, Insurance disputes, Real estate disputes, Business disputes, ICBC disputes, Family disputes, Consumer Issues, Business Contracts disputes, Human Resources disputes, Workplace disputes, Real Estate disputes, Business sales disputes, Construction disputes, Social Services disputes, Welfare disputes and Housing disputes. Rather than proceeding through the formal steps of a court of law and the random appointment of a judge, arbitration involves the disputants in the choice of arbitrator (an independent and unbiased person) and to a certain extent their choice of governance of the dispute. The eventual decision is an award, rather than a court judgement. Both are equally binding.

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