What people say about Moveon Consulting and Arbitrations

“It’s a pleasure to work with Let’s Talk Move On as a busy entrepreneur with several small businesses.  They have been advising me and saving me time and creative bandwidth as they successfully submit grant applications to help my businesses grow during the difficult time that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. And yes, we got the funding and are using them to apply for more Grants. I have complete confidence in their abilities and trust that they are invested in my success. They’re a top notch service and I’ll continue to engage them and recommend them to other entrepreneurs.”
Lystra G. Sam, Founder/CEO/Curator
QmooniTi Travel & Lifestyle and Sisters Leading Sisters

“As a small business owner in BC, not knowledgeable about grant applications and writing business plans, I turned to MoveOn. They applied on behalf of my business and we got the funding. I am so happy for this opportunity and will advise anyone to use their services, the lead consultant is humble, professional and honest. Also, they wrote our business plan and helped us secure a loan.”
Hiba E, Small Business Owner/Founder

Our not for profit has been struggling for years, without Funding, structure and policies. Then a friend of mine told us to meet with Moveon Consulting to discuss how they can help us. After the meeting, we immediately signed an agreement to work with Moveon Consulting and Arbitrations. They have secured us funding, and will be delivering training to our Board. Its exciting to know their fees are not that expensive and they are committed to actually helping us. Without Moveon we should have still been stuck. Thank you.

Kevin L, CEO of Not for Profit Organization

“I discovered a lot about myself and our team during the Emotional Intelligence Training which we had with Moveon Consulting and Arbitration. As a leader, you need to keep learning about yourself and those which you want to lead. Moveon gave me that opportunity to learn and it was an eye opener. I will use their services again.”
Thomas K, CEO of Not for Profit Organization

“My business was going through major challenges during the COVID-19 period and I met the Lead Consultant. He suggested we start by building a website, create some Facebook ads and work on a marketing plan. A few months after, I started receiving new clients through the website, which Moveon Consulting built. We are so happy and will use their services again.”
Johnson D, Small Business Owner