• How to open a file at Moveon Consulting and Arbitrations 

    Open a file at Moveon


    You can submit or Open a file with us by first of all scheduling an appointment. But here are certain things to keep in mind.

    A party or parties can initiate an arbitration scheduling appointment with us and submitting to a Notice of Arbitration which shall include the following:

    1- Full names, descriptions, and addresses of the parties and their representatives, including telephone numbers, and email addresses;

    2- A brief description of the disputes with facts and how it all started;

    3- How they’ve tried to resolve the issue;

    4- A request that the Arbitration shall be provided by Moveon Consulting and Arbitrations;

    5- Agreements or contracts before, to which arbitration is been requested, attached to each copy of the Notice of Arbitration;

    6- Claimants statement, the applicable law, and reasons;

    7-A request for a single arbitrator or a panel of more arbitrators;

    8-The fee for initiating the arbitration as required, By ADRBC in effect at the time of the filing; and

    9- Other relevant information as the party or parties giving notice may deem necessary.

    Documents should be submitted to letstalkmove@gmail.com

    The filing party or parties should call Moveon Consulting and Arbitration at 778-791-9117 to confirm receipt of documents or data submitted.

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