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Founder-Lead Consultant

Felix Ngalla K, BBA, MA, Q.Arb has been active in the Cooperate, Political, and Social Services sector for decades. Felix is a skilled Arbitrator, with extensive experience in Small Business and Non-Profit Consulting, Electoral Policy and Political Campaigning, Program Development, Leadership Development, Social Services Development, Need Assessment Development, Conflict Resolution, Coaching, Capacity Building, Mentorship, and Civic Engagement. He has served in Leadership, and Boards for decades. Felix, in public and private has also served as a Facilitator, Arbitrator, CEO, Trustee, and Consultant to Businesses, and professional service organizations. He loves his community and spends his free time serving in numerous non-profit and charitable Boards of organizations serving the most vulnerable. Felix uses his expertise to help parties move forward graciously and speaks fluent, French and German.

As an Arbitrator, he specializes in: Business disputes, ICBC disputes, Family disputes, Consumer Issues, Business Contracts disputes, Human Resources disputes, Workplace disputes, Real Estate disputes, Business sales disputes, Construction disputes, Social Services disputes, Welfare disputes, and Housing disputes.

My experience is extensive.

My approach is unbiased.

My perspective is Optimal.

Felix is an active member in good standing at the ADRIC Canada, and ADRBC. 5% of my fees are donated to local charities, and nonprofit organizations serving vulnerable children, youths, families, women, seniors, persons with a disabilities, and animal rescue organizations in our community. Each time you use Moveon Consulting and Arbitrations, you are supporting the community.


Felix is an active member in good standing at ADRIC. Moveon Consulting and Arbitrations will resolve business disputes, commercial disputes, family disputes, insurance disputes, housing disputes, social disputes, contract disputes, divorce disputes, children disputes, service disputes

Felix is an active member and qualified Arbitrator ready to resolve disputes for individuals, families, and businesses.

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Felix, also serve as an Expert at the U.S. International Center for Electoral Support. The USICES, works with International Organizations such as: Common Wealth Foundation, USAID, UNDP, European Commission and more.